the facts were these:

Do you see any of yourself in either Cap or in Steve Rogers?



We are frequently asked how fans of #Hannibal can help increase the ratings. Whereas watching the episodes live or by DVR within 3 days is crucial for the show’s Nielsen ratings, those viewings are measured only for Nielsen families. So if you’re not a Nielsen family, your multiple viewings…

Costume Changes by DisneyStyle (x)



*puts my ipod on shuffle and skips every song until i get one i was hoping for*

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

also called the Nike of Samothrace, is a 2nd century BC marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike (Victory). Since 1884, it has been prominently displayed at the Louvre and is one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world. H.W. Janson described it as “the greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture.”

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